Review of Call of Duty – Black Ops 3

Call of Duty – Black Ops 3

Although there are many request for the explore the taste of war back to the more classical, Activision decided to push a futuristic trends like the previous two series even further. Call of Duty is never more futuristic than anything offered by Treyach in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 finally released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – the PC.

So this latest series of concept futuristiknya, until we recalled that the flavour of his Sci-Fi is much more perceptible than the identity of the military shooter that's been attached during these last few years. Treyarch seems to no longer care much to think about and apply any military technology which may or may not be applied in the next few years, as well as Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. But surprisingly, she gave birth to something and hastening and exciting to follow, regardless of the quality of the end which either meet the expectations or not. Cool again? The same in one package, you'll be treated to many surprising features.

This review will discuss it more in it for you.

Call of Duty - black ops 3
Unlike the series Call of Duty before asking you to act and live the story as a specific character, Black Ops 3 thus ask you to act as "yourself". You will act as "the Player" – the main character that physically you can design early in the game, even with the freedom to choose the gender. But the structure of the story itself is still the same, where You will follow a story presented from one chapter to another chapter. The difference is only in the absence of a definitive character designs such as the Call of Duty series to another.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will bring you increasingly far into the future, in the year 2065 or about 40 years since the event in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Advances in technology not only helps people to live a better life, but also make it easier for them to "destroy" each other. Advancement of science apparently promoted the implementation of military technology that even begin to hit a human physical limits itself. At the beginning, along with your primary partner – Jacob Hendricks, you will be involved in military action in Ethiopia which is ruled by a brutal military force NCR. But unfortunately, this mission was not a happy ending. You injured because of military robots, making you have to lose a limb.

But he made a military career You officially "started". With the power of the technology is there, all the members of your body that are lost are replaced with a cybernetic limbs not only strengthens physically, but also comes with a variety of cutting-edge military function within their grasp. Along with Hendricks who also attended a similar operating processes, you now also reinforced with DNI – Direct Neural Interface now allows you to communicate with other machines. This means, doing the hacking, control the particular machine, gather information like a storage is running, and the like. All functions that make you no longer feel like a human being in General.

black ops 3

Under the leadership of John Taylor – a commander who does have a squad cybernetic, you are assigned to complete various missions around the world for many years. But one of the newest missions which ask you to investigate a secret location which is already hidden CIA in Singapore became the turning point of everything. Believed to be attacked by the local criminal organization named 54 Immortals, the investigation led to a secret that's been buried for decades. A secret that starts bumping the limits of what is real and unreal. The good news? Regardless of the setting of the futuristic red thread like this one, with the previous two series still seems clear, especially the question of the great themes that he critical limits stretcher.

Thus, what you will find at the location of the Hendricks and the secret CIA in Singapore? Who are responsible for such attacks? Side of the story as to what made us briefly mentions that he offers stories and sci-fi sensation not seen in previous COD series? You must play this game to find the answer.

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