Fallout 4 turned out to be filled with Bugs

Fallout 4

Their latest game-series-Fallout 4 that awaited many people is finally released as well. Unfortunately, the fourth Fallout series received criticism from fans of spicy.

most of the gamers who have already ordered open-world action game it claims to be, when they play Fallout 4 for the first time, many still found a glitch and bugs in throughout the game.

As for the glitch in question is a visual disability that appears resembles the werewolf creatures that fly aerial combat, there are also the appearance of a flock of pirates who suddenly teleportation and attack, stormed the warehouse, to the characters that talk to you (the main character) but her face is facing towards the ground. All bugs that look looked so strange and obviously interfere with the game.

Our current radar of Bethesda as developers of Fallout 4 claimed to have apologized for the occurrence of disability assessed fatal. They reveal this was the first bugs are present at the time of the release of Fallout 4. However, they have not announced whether the fixes bugs will be present along with the 500 MB patch updates, or present in the next patch.

Fallout 4 has been released for the PlayStation 4 (PS4), One of the Xbox, and PC. For console gamers, Bethesda is presenting the series Fallout 4 ' Pip-Boy ' Edition, where gamers can sample the experience of using the Pip-Boy in the real world.

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