A very good air battle in Star Wars: Battlefront

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In addition to fight lightsaber, battle space is an important aspect in the fictional Star Wars universe. Unfortunately for fans, the most difficult part of this is found in video games. But it appears his ' new hope ' stored in Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Star Wars: Battlefront is rebooted while interpretation developer DICE against a series of action games that featured team Pandemic Studios. Battlefront puts you as a common soldier in the battle for the third film in the legendary original trilogy. After showing the competitive multiplayer gameplay and co-op, the EA undertook to show off fashion Fighter Squadron through the latest video in the Gamescom 2015.

Fighter Squadron is a new multiplayer mode again to Star Wars: Battlefront, but this time focus on a war between fighter aircraft in the fleet of Galactic Rebel Alliance against the Empire. Basically, the Fighter Squadron carrying techniques deathmatch, pitted 10 players on each team create a dance in the air. The theory sounds simple. But when he combined with typical Star Wars cinematic, the results were potentially very epic. For proof, check out his trailer below.

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Batttlefield gamers could be felt familiar. Fighter Squadron was in fact built based on the mode of Air Superiority in the End-Game DLC Battlefield 3. In addition to the two camps bring together create a mutual crush, he offers a number of bonus missions, e.g. maintaining (or destroy) the opposing forces transport aircraft. And to create a large-scale effect, space is also filled in by the computer AI pilots – although they are not as intelligent as humans.

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Simplicity is the main force Fighter Squadron. Battlefront you want to be able to directly participate in the action of the firefight in the air without the need to take into account complex factors. Control of the aircraft was quite easy, even assisted aim feature makes it easy to create assists shots. From recognition of The Verge, both TIE Fighter or X-Wing has the weaponry and nearly the same level of agility, for the sake of maintaining the balance of gameplay.

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