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This game is quite interesting, as it offers a free play mode without having to run the mission. All elements and players from the previous version of the game that is Just Cause 2 will keep you see in the game Just Cause 3. But, certainly with some additions are certainly no less pulled it from the previous version.

One of the differences from the previous version of the game is the place where the background settings Just Cause 3 will take place in the backdrop of the Mediterranean island. And, of course, lovers of the game Just Cause it will be presented on some consoles like the PS4, Xbox, and PC. On this game Just Cause 3 will find the Helicopter and several other war equipment owned by the enemy to attack you.

An island in the area named Mediteranen Medici led by the ruthless dictator named Sebastiano di Ravello. And this was the primary mission of the character of Rico Rodriguez to lose the dictator. One of the ancillary supplies again owned the figure i.e. the Wingsuit on Just Cause previously not only Grapling hook and parachute course. Additional Wingsuit will further simplify and accelerate your in moving in the air.

Some sort of additional new weapons you can find on Just Cause 3 Missile Launchers, it's like a Tank-buster, to the Air strike. Because, your enemy here is no longer just using a car and motor only, but already use aircraft and helicopter. You can use a variety of vehicles such as helicopters, speedboats, Jetski, automobiles toned with turbo and the super bike.

a lot of people who think playing games is just for fun and get rid of tired. but playing games also affects the ability of the gamer in their lives, may be good or bad.

According to Jane McGonigal, a game designer of world famous alternative realities, which earned her PhD in performance studies, wants to change people's conception about video games as mere entertainment.

"My first Goal in life is to see a designer game admittance to a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize," McGonigal on its website.

Excerpted from Business Insider, Friday (20/11/2015), he wanted people to realize that video games can be a powerful tool for increasing attention (focus), mood, cognitive power, and the relationship of the players. And as it turned out, the results of studies there are on his side.

Study shows, games such as Call of Duty can improve the cognitive ability of the players significantly, better than brain teasers that is designed specifically for it, such as the game developed Luminosity.

In fact, research North Carolina State University and Florida State University suggests, mainstream games that are geared for entertainment can help improve spatial orientation, attention, and problem-solving abilities.

If you want to have fun and give Your thoughts on the stimulus, McGonigal suggested to play one of six games following three times a week for about 20 minutes.

1. Call of Duty

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McGonigal said, fast paced game play such as Call of Duty first person shooter concept, might help improve visual attention skills and spatial intelligence, which results in better performance in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

2. Forza

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Other fast-paced game, Forza (car racing game), can help improve the ability to make accurate decisions under pressure.

3. Grand Theft Auto

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Play a role as a villain in the game Grand Theft Auto can help train you to process information more quickly and keep track of more information--up to three times more than a person who is not a gamer--under high pressure.

4. StarCraft

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Strategy games such as StarCraft (science fiction games) can also increase the ability of problem solving imaginary and real life. This is possible because the game teach players to formulate and implement a strategic plan.

5. Mass Effect

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A game that requires strategic thinking, like the game of science fiction third-person shooter concept Mass Effect, also to test and refine your skills in gathering information.

6. Final Fantasy

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Finally, games such as Final Fantasy, concept RPG (role-playing game), can help train you for evaluating options faster and more accurate.

play game it was fun but it must remember the time because we have to go back to real life continue our activities. Thank you for visiting my website.

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